Anders Frøseth


PhD Condensed Matter Physics NTNU. PostDoc Paul Scherrer Institute. MBA NHH. 14 years investment experience in private and public markets.

Lise Rechsteiner


PhD Industrial Engineering, ETHZ. Investment Director Nordic Impact, Investment Manager Bauer Venture Partners, MD Helpling/Rocket Internet.


Alán Aspuru-Guzik

Professor chemistry & computer science, University of Toronto & Vector Institute. Professor at Harvard 2006-2018. Co-founder of three companies and board member of several startups. Expert in quantum computing, machine learning, and materials chemistry.

David Duvenaud

Professor computer science & statistics, University of Toronto & Vector Institute. Canada Research Chair in generative models. Previously Harvard and Cambridge. Co-Founder of Invenia. Expert in machine learning leading the development of new methods.

Florian Shkurti

Professor computer science & robotics, University of Toronto. Previous member of McGill Mobile Robotics Lab & NSERC Canadian Field Robotics Network. Expert in mobile robotics and in the use of machine learning, vision, and control in robotics.

Vijay Pande

Professor bioengineering, Stanford University. GP Andreessen Horowitz; Founding Partner Bio-Fund a16z. Founder Folding@Home & Globavir Biosciences; Board member Rigetti, Apeel, among others. Expert in computational biology and machine learning applications in health.