There are dozens of applications that could be transformed by #QuantumComputing approaches, including financial risk analysis, fraud detection & weather forecasting — and that’s just to name a few. For more on how #quantum could solve real-world problems:

While it’s still early days for #QuantumComputing technology, promoting a better understanding of #quantum and its vast potential will be an important aspect of bringing quantum to the mainstream. For more on the challenges of explaining QC:

Despite there being several months left to go in 2021, this year has already seen $1.02 billion worth of private money invested in #QuantumComputing.

Read more about how the #quantum industry is expanding, and the technological hurdles that remain ahead:

Thorvald is nominated for the Global Startup Awards 2021 in the "Best Green Tech Startup" category. 🏆
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Is #quantum technology approaching the mainstream?

According to this recent @ForbesTech article, the startup Quantum Machine raising $50 million may indicate a new phase in VC assessment of the state of this emerging technology. For more:

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