Congrats to Genesis Therapeutics for being listed as one of America's Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Companies by Forbes @enfeinberg @vijaypande

Check out the @Quantum_City interview with Professor Winfried Hensinger of @IQT_group & @SussexQuantum where he speaks about his work on #quantum #computing, what it could mean for everyday life & what inspired him to become a quantum physicist! 👇

Our Founder & CEO, @cjsavoie, recently spoke with Allen Root at @barronsonline to discuss the future of #quantumcomputing, and how it will change the way various industries solve problems. Thanks for the piece @DowJonesAl!

On this week's episode of the Exponential View podcast, @azeem spoke to @vijaypande @a16z about the way that biology is changing – from a field of natural discoveries to one dominated by innovation and engineering

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