Researchers at @Columbia have shown that machine learning algorithms can identify different types of earthquakes. This is one example out of many of the real-world applications of #machinelearning. For more on how this is possible:

One of the main challenges with #quantumcomputing has undoubtedly been the qubits, which since-now have only been made by universities and in small numbers. Yet recent efforts to find qubit platforms has been a significant step in the field of #quantum.

In case you missed this must-read: recent @CNET article provides a useful summary of the advancements made in the field of #quantumcomputing, including progress towards error correction. For more on the developments towards a #quantum revolution:

Is a lack of understanding of #Artificialintelligence still the greatest barrier to its adoption in most organizations? Elena Marocco's interesting take on the strategic deployment of #AI includes useful tips to make AI more accessible.

Great @Forbes article by Gary Fowler on the industries that could be the most significantly impacted by #QuantumComputing. From drug-development, to r&d in the chemical industry, the possible future applications of #quantum are far-reaching.

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