Recent developments are bringing #quantum computers one step closer to reality: @honeywell and @Google have announced that they have ganged together multiple physical qubits, such that calculations can last longer than a fleeting moment.

In @RebeccaMPifer's recent Deep Dive, our CEO @cjsavoie digs into quantum's near-term and future applications that have the ability to transform the #healthcare industry – including drug discovery and imaging for rare diseases. Via @healthcaredive:

How can #quantum contribute to better healthcare? With quantum computers’ ability to conduct analysis at super-speed, employing this technology may not only help contribute to curing but aid in preventing certain diseases. For more on how this is possible:

Zapata's CSO & co-founder @A_Aspuru_Guzik quoted in this @HarvardBiz article on #quantum computing

Many major #quantum milestones to report this week! Researchers in China have recently unveiled a super-advanced 66-qubit quantum supercomputer, which is reportedly one the most powerful machines of its kind. For more on “Zuchongzhi’s” capabilities:

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