We are happy to announce that @modl_ai is mentioned in @CBinsights' new list of the 100 most promising #AI startups. Congratulations to everyone at @modl_ai for this achievement!

For the full list of companies that are redefining major industries:

Artificial Intelligence can offer crucial technological advantages for companies and industries, from improving workflow processes to collecting & analysing data.
For unique insights on #AI adoption from 11 @Forbes experts:

Machine learning has received increased attention in recent years & is predicted to have a transformational effect in a range of different fields. This article includes a list of the industries that are likely to adopt ML & the longterm effect it may have:

According to recent research, #quantumcomputing can take partial information & produce intelligent inferences. In a new paper, scientists at @cambridgecqc demonstrate how quantum can be used to make practical decisions. For more on the latest discovery:

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