Earlier this week when Jill Becker and I opened a box mailed to us from @cenmag ! Thank you for sending to our HQ in @enginexyz the Top 10 startups to watch cover framed and a few issues. We are so proud to be one of the companies featured in your magazine! Go @KebotixInc !

Kebotix and Koura are partnering to change the world by discovering environmentally friendly high-performance materials. Koura (formerly Mexichem Fluor) has climbed aboard the Kebotix train. Are you next? #kebotix #ai #koura

Excited to be partnering with Amazon to offer solutions that incorporate AWS offerings to Zapata developers, customers and partners.

This is pretty cool! Kebotix named one of 2019 Top 10 Startups to watch by @cenmag. #AI #materials #robotics

Check out this @nature story about what is next about #quantumsupremacy @eanschuetz @preskill @ZapataComputing comment. I argue we need more quantum hackers. Hard story to share to share as @peter_wittek is a major force behind them via @creativedlab

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