This is pretty cool! Kebotix named one of 2019 Top 10 Startups to watch by @cenmag. #AI #materials #robotics

Check out this @nature story about what is next about #quantumsupremacy @eanschuetz @preskill @ZapataComputing comment. I argue we need more quantum hackers. Hard story to share to share as @peter_wittek is a major force behind them via @creativedlab

Kebotix is pleased to announce that Dr. Ashish Kulkarni is joining our team as an independent board member. We're excited to have such an experienced and enthusiastic contributor!

Kebotix working with the Lopez group at Northeastern University on discovery of novel molecules for photodynamic cancer therapy!! #kebotix #lopezlab

This new work from PandeLab is an excellent example of how combining deep domain knowledge with ML can lead to superior results in ML applications @vijaypande

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