Adopting new technologies like #AI & #MachineLearning has had a tremendous impact on drug discovery and development as it streamlines the drug-making process, ultimately saving lives. For more on the practical applications of #AI:

New article by @TechRepublic gives a great overview of how best to get up to speed with #QuantumComputing. Featuring tips from @ZapataComputing CEO, @cjsavoie, this is a perfect guide on where the technology is today & what the future likely has in store.

The promises of #quantumcomputing will reshape how we think about solving problems. At #Q2B20, our CEO and co-founder @cjsavoie will discuss how the #quantum era will transform analytics for practical applications. Don't miss the conversation on Dec 8th

"It's time to start putting those qubits to work."

The latest on #QuantumComputing: last Thursday's virtual roundtable brought scientists from around the world together to discuss the progress made, and challenges faced, in #quantum research. For more:

In case you missed it, this is a must-read article on @ZapataComputing's progress, featuring an interview w/ co-founder @cjsavoie. Outlining why it's critical for companies to start w/ #QuantumComputing now, Savoie provides excellent insight into the field

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