A very short history of some times we solved AI and «the moving goalpost problem» by @togelius

Great work by @risi1979 and @togelius of @modl_ai about machine learning through Procedural Content Generation (PCG).

Looking to grow by scaling operations and accelerating R&D efforts, we're extending our labs operations in the Boston area at C2I, a chemistry-focused accelerator in Woburn. Read today's exciting news at #ai #chemistry #selfdrivinglabs

Please join ⁦@Microsoft⁩ CEO ⁦⁦@satyanadella⁩ , ⁦@NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, and others in supporting ⁦@foldingathome⁩ ‘s efforts to bring the worlds computers together to fight COVID. “Together, We Are Powerful.”

Workflows and quantum go together like peanut butter and jelly. In our latest blog post, our team explains how and why quantum enabled workflows is an efficient, scalable way to run experiments. Read it here:

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