It was a real pleasure to present some of our latest work and collaborations today - thanks so much for having us @NordicGame! Looking forward to NG20+ in November

In thread: More about player motivation, level generation, bots for QA, and the people behind!

#gamedev #gameai

Hi everyone -- I founded D-Wave in 1999 and then Kindred in 2014. Both have done unique things. I'm very proud of both what we achieved when I was there and what those companies have done since I left them. 1/n

Will there be useful applications for near term quantum computers outperforming classical supercomputers? This recent paper argues that we might be closer than previously thought @ZapataComputing

“Kebotix has already begun using robots to discover chemicals...moving toward fully autonomous materials design,” writes @WIRED in interview w/ Kebotix about our work with partners such as BP & NIH. #ai #chemistry

Get a feel for Zapata's #culture and who we are—then join us at the forefront of #quantumcomputing. We're #hiringnow in platform engineering and BD.

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