Rapid advances in #ArtificialIntelligence over the last decade have the potential to revolutionize how drugs are developed, making the process quicker, cheaper & more efficient. For more on how companies are working to make #AI drug discovery a reality:

New @TechTarget article outlines the challenges & opportunities for #QuantumComputing: "#Quantum computing may still be in its infancy, but it is a field that will revolutionize industries like #finance, pharmaceuticals & #AI in the next several years".

Are you new to the #science community and want to learn more about #quantum?

This articles gives a simple introduction to the fundamentals of quantum mechanics, and everything you need to know about quantum computers.

Great insights from @WEF in their report on pathways to a new economy. #DeepTech solutions will drive the development of most of the twenty markets of tomorrow identified in the report. More on the inclusive & sustainable #economic transformation we need⤵️

A great example of #innovation for a more #sustainable world: with the launch of @facebookai & @CarnegieMellon's Open Catalyst Project, researchers are combining #AI & #quantum mechanics to solve #renewableenergy storage problems.

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